Regulations & Fees

Lots are not sold, but merely conveyed for the right of burial, which right, according to the easement issued, is subject to the laws and regulations of the Diocese of Fall River and St. Mary Cemetery.

The right of burial extends to members of the family in direct lineage. All interments are subject to the laws of the Catholic Church regarding Christian burial.

There is an Endowment Care fee for each new grave lot, payable at the time of "purchase".  Note that half the cost of grave lots listed below is for this Endowment Care.

No monument nor any structure is allowed to placed, fabricated, or installed until its rendering, inscription(s) and placement are approved by the director of St. Mary Cemetery (the pastor of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Parish)  and all fees have been paid in full.

Lot Conveyance$2,200.00
Grave Opening & Closing $1,400.00
Weekends & Holidays $1,560.00
Opening for Cremains $550.00