Hear the Concert in Honor of Fr. T. Frank Kennedy

For those of you who were unable to be present for the concert in honor of Fr. T. Frank Kennedy, we recorded the entire concert through our live streaming camera. 

To listen to the concert online click here.

To download the file to your computer, click here.

Please note, this is a large file and will take some time to load/download.

New Altar Server Training

Altar Server Training


Now that we have celebrated the First Communion of our children we have a whole new group eligible to become altar servers.  Children must have received their First Communion in order to be trained as altar servers.  Soon we will begin a new class.  Parents of children interested in becoming servers should contact our office and leave name, phone number and email address.  This ministry is open to any child in any grade after First Communion.

Exterior Restoration of Our Church

Please Note:

Exterior Restoration of Our Church

This work includes sanding, priming and painting all the trim, porches and doors; replacing the white wooden “roofs” over the three main entrances; stripping and repainting the foundation and repairing the chimney.  The painting is almost complete.  Other work will be done in the fall.  Cost will be around $85,000.  We are very grateful for a grant of $55,000 from the NANTUCKET COMMUNITY PRESERVATION COMMITTEE.


Donations totalling $25,000. have been made toward the remainder of the cost.  Any donations that would help “close the gap” would be gratefully appreciated. We are thankful for the generosity of those who have made this restoration work possible

Fr. T. Frank Kennedy Remembered

Father T. Frank Kennedy, S.J., Remembered


The 5 pm Mass this Saturday (August 19) will be offered in memory of Father T. Frank Kennedy, S.J., who assisted our parish in various capacities for over 30 years.  August 19 is the first anniversary of his passing from us, his birth into eternal life.  At this time we thank God for Father Frank’s life and ministry among us and commend him to the loving care of God.

Upcoming Events


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