Pastor Welcome

Welcome to St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle

It is a pleasure to welcome you here today, parishioners and visitors alike, as we join together as a parish family to reflect on God’s love for us.

We hope this responsive design website helps introduce, re-establish, or fulfill your connection to St. Mary. The design is such that no matter what device you use to visit the site, your experience will be consistent. We aspire to provide you with topical, spiritual information, ranging from Mass and Reconciliation times, to Saints of the Day, to Ministry Schedules and much more, including live streaming – available through St. Mary’s app – of services at the church such as daily Mass, Sunday services and special events.

The Lord has blessed us with this beautiful island, 30 miles to sea and, at the same time, enriches our daily lives as we interact with the church. We invite you to visit the site often to learn more about what we do, who we are, and how we live as a religious family.

 One of my favorite sections is "Saint of the Day" which is an automatic update from AmericanCatholic.Org. You may develop a fondness for your own page, or simply use the site to check the times of Mass during the summer season or over the remainder of the year. The rich and interesting content will be updated and refreshed often.

 May the Lord bless you. Now all we ask is that you join with us and come share our hope.


Fr. Marcel H. Bouchard