A Special Thank You to Our Summer Fair Sponsors

Thank you to all of those who have come forward with donations for our Summer Fair.  Please support the businesses that support us.

Fair Sponsor:

Ocean Honda of Weymouth

Ocean Honda of Brockton

 Thrones Angel:

Christina Craighead

Clean Cut Landscaping

Kevin and Patricia Cummings

Chris & Shirley Kelly

 Dominions Angels:

David & Mary Brown

Kelly Griffin

Christian and Donna Hoffman

John & Diane Keough

I Lopez Construction Inc.

Rodriguez Carpentry Group


Virtues Angel:


Frank and Sue Balester

Michael & Phyllis Bayer

Louis and Carol Beierle

Ronald & Myrna Bocage

Mary Casey

Mimi  Congdon

Veronica Dragon

Joan Fisher

Dr. Mimi Koehm

Ritch Leone

Carlyn and Jon Zehner


Guardian Angel:

Joe & Marcia Aguiar

Judith Baltimore

Katherine Cuddy

John P. Emert & Mary Ellen Gaw

Kathleen Evans

Walter Flaherty

Libby and Charlie Gibson

Chrissie McGrath Iller

Sharon and Stephen Lamb

Joy McGrath

Doris Reggie

Tom & Roberta Santos

Suzanne Sullivan and Family

Jim & Barbara Treanor

Stephen & Mary Lynn Watson

Judith and Michael Wodynski

Brian & Georgene Zevnik